Our story


Growing up in the countryside gave me an appreciation of nature, and its power to provide healing. At key moments in my own life, natural solutions have helped me directly improve my health and well-being.

That made me interested in learning more about phyto- and aromatherapy as well as other forms of natural healing.


During my professional life, I had the good fortune to become directly involved with this sector, as I worked with a specialist laboratory and came to love the natural product range they had developed for health professionals.

When the owners of that laboratory decided to retire, I was faced with a choice. If I wanted to keep their heritage and their products alive – and continuing to do so much good for so many people, it was time to take over – and bring these natural solutions to a wider public.

So I created the brand Happy Frog.

Now you can share the natural benefits I was lucky enough to discover. Happy Frog products bring you proven formulas and natural ingredients – all backed by over 25 years’ experience in aromatherapy.